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SMS Directe

SMS Directe

This is a mass messaging service that allows users to simultaneously send a text to multiple destinations, whether national or international. Messages are managed through Andorra Telecom’s website. Clients also have access to a service that allows them to connect the messaging platform with an external computer system. 

This is a good complement for direct marketing campaigns, allowing consumers to react from wherever they are.



  • Direct communication and marketing campaigns, such as advertisement, promotions, sales, offers, etc.
  • Communication with associates, clients, etc.
  • Internal communication with employees and collaborators.
  • System of alerts and alarms.


SMS Directe - Avantatges


Easy management and monitoring The management and tracking of the sales campaigns will be performed from a web interface accessible via the internet.
Low set up costs for the service.
Integration with your computer system Possibility of integrating the Direct SMS Text service into your computer system through an API HTTP.
Possibility of having another means of communication with the customer For both informative or advertising purposes.
Segmentation allows you to send segmented SMS Text messages.
You can check that the messages have been received correctly.
A tool with a wide scope SMS Text messages are a powerful service given that all the customers are able to receive them in their mobile phones.
Effectiveness Possibility to have instant contact with customers.
A high customer acquisition percentage Between 5 and 15%.

Informació comercial SMS Directe

   Commercial Information on Direct SMS Text.

Suport publicitaris - SMS Premium

SMS Premium

This service allows users to generate income by receiving SMS text messages.

The company contracts a short number and promotes it, with the aim of having Andorran mobile users send an SMS with an extra charge to the contracted number. Andorra Telecom can revert up to 70% of the cost of this SMS to the company contracting the service.  Andorra Telecom and the company that contracts the service share the profits, depending on the number used for the SMS and the number of received messages. A series of API HTTP are made available to the customer so they can interconnect the SMS service with a computer application.  

Uses: Opinion surveys, contests, votes, publishing or promoting advertisements.


sms premium avantatges


Easy management and monitoring The management and tracking of the sales campaigns will be performed from a web interface accessible from the internet.
Income: You will receive a percentage of the income generated by the sending of SMS messages to the contracted number.

text avantatges

Andorra Telecom and the company which contracts the service, depending on the number used for the SMS and the number of received messages, share the profits.

Informació Comercial de SMS Premium.

   Commercial Information on SMS Premium.

Suport publicitaris - Guia Telefònica

Telphone Directory

The most complete business directory in the Principality of Andorra. It’s one of the most useful tools for finding a telephone number. Highlight your advertisement and be found in the electronic guide, as well. 

la guia


Wide coverage 35.000 copies distributed throughout the country.
Several contracting models Different forms are available so you can post your advertisement.
Economic support In both the paper and digital versions to ensure the growth of your business.

info comercial La guia

   Commercial Information on La Guia.

Suport publicitaris - Andorra WiFi

Andorra Wifi

Free Internet access network aimed at tourists, covering the principal commercial streets. You can post publicity that users will see while they are surfing the net. Every 15 minutes, the internet connection disconnects. When it disconnects, the user visits the home page once again, where they will see your advertisement.

Advertisements are fixed images with a link to a webpage or campaign established by the client.

You can interact with users during our country’s principal commercial events, such as the sales, Easter, the Andorra Shopping Festival, summer... Any occasion can help to attract clients to your business!

Key information: the average number of impacts is more than 350,000 a month, and 85% of users are tourists.




Communicate with potential customers who are in central locations in the Principality.
Highly focused on tourism
Diversification of the company’s advertising channels
Adaptation of sales campaigns to the budget.
Regular reports Regular reports on the impact of the sales campaign.

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