Gestió de Flotes

Fleet Management

A solution for companies which have a fleet of vehicles and wish to have real-time management and tracking of the fleet. The service enables you to have complete control of the location of each vehicle and to collect historical data in order to analyse behaviour and reduce operating costs.

In order to function, the Fleet Management Service requires, at least:

  • The geolocator module with GPS and a data SIM card incorporated into the vehicle. 
  • A subscription to the Basic Package.

que inclou

What does it include?

Real-time GPS localisation on a map
Control and tracking via a web platform (mileage, speed, vehicle condition, etc.).
Generation of alarms Possibility of configuring alarms for specific events, such as speeding, entering/leaving an area, starting /stopping the vehicle, etc.
Option to supplement the product with optional modules security module, vehicle maintenance module and bus module.

Informació Comercial Gestió de flotes

   Commercial Information on Fleet Management.

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