Internet Alta Capacitat

High Capacity Internet

Professional solution for connecting to the internet with up to 1 symmetric Gbps, with possible redundancy.

From 188,10€ /month IGI include

For companies that work with a high data volumes and need a high transfer speed. Ideal for internet service providers and companies which require more than one public IP.

Que inclou - Internet Alta capacitat

What does it include?

Up to 300 Mbps of symmetrical bandwidth speed*
Up to 1 Gbps symmetrical speed (direct to PE) with the possibility of redundancy.
Flat fee for data**

Exhaurits els gb - Inetrnet alta capacitat

* Subject to a responsible use of the service up to a maximum of 5 TB. The price of the additional Internet GB in case of abuse is € 0.11.


  • Possibility of subscribing to IP address ranges according to your needs (gradually, from 6 IPs to 254 IPs).

info comercial alta capacitat

   Commercial Information on High Capacity Internet.

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