A service which provides effective protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) threats. It filters and diverts malicious traffic, allowing legitimate traffic to reach its destination. The ideal solution for online businesses and for customers with high Internet connection availability needs.

Any server or Internet portal can fall victim to DDOS attacks. Depending on the contracted bandwidth, a small attack can critically affect the continuity of an online business.

Que inclou ddos

What does it include?

Transparent network integration
Detection and filtering of domestic and international traffic
Service option to obtain 300 Mbps or 1 Gbps of filtered traffic
The package detection allows you to rapidly detect attacks on the 3/4/7 levels
IP and service-based detection configuration.
Deployment and upgrades without affecting the network and services

Avantatges DDOS


Ensures business continuity
Domestic and international protection
Rapid response to attacks, at the customer’s request
High availability, no single point of failure.
Easy-to-perform re-configurations of defence patterns, on request.
Fully managed service
7/24 supervision service

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