Números comercials

Números comercials

Phone numbers, free or paid for by the end customer, assigned to your company’s customer service. Ideal for companies with customer service needs which wish to have an easily identifiable phone number.

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BLUE numbers:

  • Numbering: 1802 + 4 figures
  • Calls are charged to the caller.
  • Accessible from Andorra and abroad.

GREEN numbers:

  • Numbering: 1800 + 4 figures.
  • The calls are charged to the recipient.
  • Accessible only from Andorra.



Single contact number You have a single contact number for your business.
Advanced telephone support You can handle your calls using typical switchboard functions such as voice, calendars, call distribution groups, queue management, etc
Contingencies If there is an incident affecting the fixed telephone service you can divert calls to a mobile phone and maintain your company's communications)

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