Canals de veu per a Centraletes IP

Voice channels for IP switchboards

For companies who wish to have a physical voice switchboard and want an advanced solution for its communications with clients

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What does it include?

The number of voice channels (simultaneous calls) your switchboard needs.
The number of service numbers
The communication plan which best suits your needs from a wide range of possibilities.

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Voice channels for IP switchboards.



Maximum flexibility By means of a monthly subscription, you can subscribe to the number of lines (extensions), terminals and function packages you need, without any commitment.
Fixed and mobile extensions You can associate all the fixed and mobile extensions you need. Enhance your business with the most advanced features.
Save on costs Economize on the costs associated with the purchase, maintenance and upgrading.
Customisation The Virtual Switchboard adapts to your needs and allows you to create your own customised solution.

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