Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


In this space you will be able to find the frequently asked questions regarding modifications, contracts, invoicing, 
arrangements for companies, make enquiries in the Online shop and any general queries on our services.

For more detailed information, you will find a frequently asked questions section on each page of the services we offer.


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In order to make a product modification or a change to direct debiting, you must present:

· Signed authorisation (when not the titleholder).
· Customer identification / passport number.
· Bank identity card with IBAN account.

To make a name change, the service transfer form must be completed, and the identity documents of both parties must be presented. If one of the parties cannot come, a signed authorisation must be presented.

Service contracting

Si ets un client particular i vols contractar algun servei a Andorra Telecom, cal que portis:

If you are an individual customer and wish to contract an Andorra Telecom service, you must present:

1.  ID or passport.
2. Residence document (if not Andorran).
3. Bank identity card with IBAN number.
4. The NRT number.

If you are not the service subscriber and you would like to realize a modification, you must present the currently found on our website. Furthermore, you must also present the passport (or photocopy) of the authorised customer and the IBAN card, if you wish to change the direct debiting.

Yes, you can register as an Andorra Telecom client through our website, accessing the Temporary internet. If you prefer, you can also do it in our store.

If you would like a contract service, you would need to bring to our store your passport or ID card, an Andorran bank account number with the corresponding IBAN number, and a residence permit valid for at least one year. If you are unable to fulfil either of the two conditions above, you must leave a deposit of €120 for each requirement you cannot meet. Your deposit would be returned to you when you cancel the service.


Consult and download your Andorra Telecom invoices by accessing the Online Store, the app or our website. We explain the process step by step.

From our website:
- Log into our
- Click on “Consumption”
- Once there, at “Details of consumption” select the desired time period
- Download the file with the detail and the amount

From our app:
- Go to “El meu mĂČbil”
- Select the “Detall de consum” option
- At “Consum detallat” you’ll see the amount spent during the current month 

Invoices can be paid:

· The fastest and most efficient way to pay a pending invoice is by entering the Online Shop on the website and paying by credit card. You can check your invoices here and pay them if you want to. Payments and service reconnections are made on the same day.
· You can also pay a pending or returned invoice into any Andorra Telecom account by bank transfer or with cash at any bank in the country. Payments and service reconnections will be made on the next business day.

Bank accounts:
· Andbank: AD38 0001 0000 4125 0840 0100
· Creand: AD42 0003 1101 1176 5841 0101
· MoraBanc: AD60 0007 0018 0001 2000 6010

Banks and SWIFT:
· Andbank: BACAADAD
· Creand: CRAADAD
· Mora Banc: BINAADAD

If you happen to be abroad, a transfer (charged to the customer) can be made to any of these accounts or by calling our customer service line (301115) to make a payment by credit card (paylink).

Remember to specify a telephone number as the concept for the invoice you want to pay. If you have not done so or have forgotten about it, send us the the payment receip and the details of the invoice you wish to pay, in the following link:

The services reconnect within a maximum of 24 hours after Andorra Telecom has received the payment receipt, with the details indicated above.

*On Fridays and days prior to holidays after 4:00 pm, services will not be reconnected until the following working day. Services are not reconnected on Saturdays or Sunday.

The services cannot be reconnected. Once pending invoices and the required deposit have been made, the customer must go to the sales agency to re-sign the contracts. For additional information, please consult the website, call 115 or come to one of Andorra Telecom's sales offices.

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