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Comptes bancàris



Crèdit Andorrà

Banc Sabadell d’Andorra

Vall Banc

Beneficiari: Govern d’Andorra
AD22 0001 0000 4147 0480 0100

Beneficiari: Govern d’Andorra
AD51 0007 0018 0001 5403 9010

Beneficiari: Govern d’Andorra
AD60 0003 1101 1227 9711 0101

Beneficiari: Govern d’Andorra
AD06 0008 0090 3512 0121 7537

Beneficiari: Govern d’Andorra
AD90 0025 0001 0112 7109 8626

PORTADA - APP Andorra Telecom

APP Andorra Telecom

The Andorra Telecom app enables you to check your mobile consumption in real time and view your invoices over the last six months.

With the television function you can record your favourite programmes, change channels via your mobile and enable alerts so that you don’t forget anything to be shown.

In addition, you will have much simpler access to the VOD (Video on Demand) film schedule, as well as the full listings of programmes on the channels broadcast by Andorra Telecom.

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