Find out how we are improving service

Why are we doing this?

To improve the quality of our service.

To increase current speed to 300 Mbps.

To have a network for the future.

How will we do it?

An Andorra Telecom technician will come by your house to change your fibre optic box for free (the ONT, the device that provides you with telephone, internet and television service) and to bring you a new router.

When will we do it?

Andorra Telecom will ring first to let you know when we come by. If this time does not work for you, ring 70 70 70 to choose another. The services you have contracted will not be operable until we have changed the ONT at your household and in the neighbouring homes.

Order of the change and what stage we are at right now:

How long will the change take?

Changing the ONT and the router will take approximately 45 minutes. Nevertheless, your contracted fibre optic service (telephone, internet or television) will be affected for around three hours the day we make the change.

This router is for you:


  • Latest-generation technology with wi-fi AC
  • After-sales service
  • Installation and configuration are free if done the day we come to change the ONT
  • The first year is free (and then, €1.99 (+IGI) / month)



Questions about the HG659 advanced router

What should I do to enjoy the full 300 Mbps?

First of all, you can hire the router recommended by Andorra Telecom, which has been validated to provide the 300 Mbps of the new fibre optic. In addition, you’ll have to check that your Wi-Fi devices have obtained the Wi-Fi AC standard. This standard enables you to obtain a theoretical bandwidth well above 300 Mbps. Generally speaking, the compatible devices are new generation, such as the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7. The Andorra Telecom router will always have a specific Wi-Fi network compatible with the Wi-Fi AC standard, known as “MevaWifi-5G” (the name is an example - 5G enables you to recognize the network in the 5 GHz band), and another compatible with the other Wi-Fi b/g/n standards, known as “MevaWifi” (the name is an example, compatible with the 2.4 GHz band). To enjoy the 300 Mbps to the full, Andorra Telecom recommends having WAP2-AES as an encryption system for the two Wi-Fi networks (“MevaWifi” and “MevaWifi-5G”). The other encryption modes (WPA, TKIP) do not guarantee the above. If you don’t hire the Andorra Telecom router, check that your router has the features indicated above and that it is properly configured and connected to the new fibre optic network.

What coverage does the router have, how many metres does the Wi-Fi signal transmit over?

It has coverage equivalent to the models available in the market. You have to bear in mind the place where it is located and the structure of the home (the walls). If you want to have maximum Wi-Fi coverage at home you have the option of purchasing a repeater.

Will the technician configure the parental control when he comes?

If the customer so wishes, the parental control will be activated during the installation. If it is not activated then, the customer will be able to do so later by accessing the router portal. The router manual can be found on our website.

Will the technician, when he comes, configure the home automation devices (heating, blinds, lighting)?

The technician will configure the router so that your devices go on working. To facilitate the installation, the customer should have the network name and the current password of the Wi-Fi network to hand.

Will the technician leave the same configuration as the one I have now?

Yes. The technician will configure the router in accordance with all the information provided by the customer.

When I want to modify my password or if I forget my Wi-Fi password, will you perform the configuration directly?

No. During the installation, the technician will leave the network configured with the same name and password as the current network, as long as the customer provides this information. What we can do remotely and at any time is a reset, which will configure the network name and the password the router has by default. This information can be found on a sticker on the back of the device.

How often do you change the router model?

There is no set period of obsolescence for the device. Even so, Andorra Telecom will ensure that the router fleet is kept up to date.

If I have a malfunction related to the router, will a technician come to deal with it?

You will have telephone support from Andorra Telecom to help you solve the problem. In the event of a malfunction in the Andorra Telecom router, a technician will come and solve the problem or replace the device.

Is there any extra charge if I unsubscribe for a certain amount of time?

No. You can unsubscribe from the service at any time.

If the router gets broken, will any extra charge be applied?

Yes. A charge will be applied for router malfunctions unrelated to regular use.

How many devices can I connect simultaneously?

That depends on many factors, including the proximity to the device. You can connect as many as 20 devices.

Is it possible to activate the time control or limit the bandwidth per user?

If you have these controls, you just have to configure them.

How much does it cost to change the router model?

You can hire one model or another at any time at no extra cost. The monthly instalments of one and the other will be extended. Switching from a basic model to a professional model will entail arranging an appointment for the installation and configuration of the device, should you wish to have the automatic contingency feature, for example.

Can I give out my password for the Wi-Fi connection?

We recommend keeping the use of passwords confidential, for security reasons. In the event that you wish to share Internet access, you can use the Wi-Fi Guest feature. You can configure it on the router and it enables you to have an independent Wi-Fi network for your guests.

Can I disconnect the Wi-Fi connection at night?

There is a button on the router allowing you to fully disable its Wi-Fi signal whenever you want.

Can I use my router in another house?

There is no restriction on doing so. You just have to be very careful when connecting the device to the ONT (the fibre wall box) and not use the wrong port for the ONT (it is usually port 1).

How many devices can I connect to the router per cable?

You can connect up to four devices per cable.

How many routers can I hire?

You can hire either of the two router models (basic or professional) for each Internet access you have subscribed to.

What happens if I move flat? Do I take the router to my new home? Will I have the full 300 Mbps?

If you move flat, you’ll have to take the router to your new home and have the installation done yourself. To obtain the full speed (300 Mbps) you need to have the new Huawei fibre box in your new home. Otherwise, the maximum speed will be 100 Mbps.

If I have a malfunction, can I take the router to the sales office?

Whenever you detect a malfunction or a problem with the router, you should call the free customer service number (115) for technical support. Andorra Telecom has remote connection tools to perform a diagnosis. You will just have to check whether everything is properly connected and plugged into the electrical current.

Do I need any special wiring at home to connect devices with the router?

Category 5 or 6 cabling will enable you to connect wired devices to the router and enjoy the 300 Mbps to the full.

Will Andorra Telecom tell me when it will begin to invoice me for the router hire?

No. This is an automatic process and, once the 12-month offer has ended, we will start invoicing you for the router hire.

Will Andorra Telecom have access to my personal data or my private home network?

No, under no circumstances. We will only be able to make changes such as re-establishing the Wi-Fi password, restoring the router to the factory parameters and checking the status of the router’s Internet connection in the event of an incident.

Can I modify my Wi-Fi password myself?

Yes. The router box includes a manual for performing basic configurations. You can also check the manual on our website or call the free customer service number (115) so that we can provide support during the configuration.

Can I purchase the Andorra Telecom router?

Andorra Telecom provides a set of services and materials inseparable from its offer. The router cannot be bought on its own.

What do I have to do when the free year ends if I want to return the router?

The router must be returned to our sales office and you will be unsubscribed from the service accordingly. The material must be returned without any damage and with all its components:

  • Router
  • Power cable
  • Network cable