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Are you an occasional visitor to Andorra and prefer not to be tied to a contract?

With the pre-paid card we make it easy for you. Make calls, send SMS messages and browse the Internet without any monthly fees or invoices. You decide how much you want to spend.

Purchase a prepaid card!
Registration €30 = SIM card + €30 credit.

3 top-ups available:

  • 15€: credit valid for 2 months
  • 30€: credit valid for 5 months
  • 60€: credit valid for 7 months

Once you run out of credit, you will have 8 months to top up the card again. After this time, if you do not top up your card, the number will be automatically cancelled.

Check the credit of your data plan by sending a blank SMS, to 123.

Recharge Prepaid Portlet

Top up the credit
of your Mobiland Clic!

Don’t run out of credit, top up your card. Remember that each top-up is valid for a period that accumulates and extends the life of your card.


Mobile number


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You can also top up at:

  • At authorised ATMs (Crèdit Andorrà)
  • On the Andorra Telecom websites, using your bank card.
  • Buying a top-up card at Andorra Telecom offices or authorized establishments.


Check the Mobiland Clic! communication rates.



Prepagament obtenir tarjeta

with 4G

If you want to connect to the internet with a pre-paid card, send an SMS without any text with the plan you require.

Choose the one best suited to your needs

*IGI included