Títol Manual d'ús del descodificador

Decoder user manual

Característiques dels enregistraments

Features of the recordings

Recording of contents you can watch whenever you wish Up to 60 hours of recordings. They have no expiry date. You will have to delete contents if you do not have any more space available. You can program any recordings you wish, provided they do not overlap in terms of time and they fall within the limit of the recording capacity of your decoder.
“Live Pause” in the event of a last-minute hitch You can pause a programme for up to 20 minutes. You can record a programme and at the same time pause the live broadcast.

Acordeon Manual d'enregistrament

How do you program a recording?

There are different ways of programming the recordings:

  • Press the red button on the handset and the current programme will be recorded until it ends.
  • Select the channel you wish to record by pressing button I (info) and choose the “Recording” option with the arrows and press OK.
  • From the TV Guide (press the “Guide” button on the handset).

How can I view the recordings?

Press the Menu button, go to My TV, then choose Recordings and select the recording you require.

How can I delete the recordings?

Press the Menu button, go to My TV, choose the recording you require and press Delete.