Intro Selecció Esports 2

Enjoy the best of other sports

Selección Deportes

10€ /month Contract

IGI included

  • NFL (American Football).
  • Basketball (NBA, Endesa League, Euroliga).
  • Rugby (Rugby Championship, Super XV, 6 Nations Tournament).
  • The best Golf and Tennis tournaments.
  • Asobla Leage (Handball).
  • The World Rally Championship.
  • The Diamond League (Athletics).

Canals inclosos en el paquet SELECCIÓN DEPORTES 2

Channels included in the SELECCIÓN DEPORTES package

paquet deportes producte 2

Movistar Deportes
The great competitions around the world in Tennis, Handball, Rugby, NBA, Endesa Basketball League, Asobal Handball League, Athletics, NFL, etc.
Movistar Golf
This channel takes you to all the courses of the Grand Slam, Ryder Cup and European and American Tours


Serveis inclosos - Selección Deportes

Services included

Enjoy your favourite films and series at any time and from any device:

  • A catalogue containing 6,000 titles
  • Your TV channels live
  • On your computer, tablet, smartphone, console or smart TV


How to activate Movistar+ on multi-devices:

  1. You must have Movistar+ included in your contract.
  2. Check to see if your terminal is compatible with the Multi-device
  3. Sign up to Andorra Telecomm Customer Area by calling 115
  4. Download the app onto your terminal from the Apple Store Spain and Google Play stores

If you have any queries, go to Movistar Multi-devices.


Record your contents and watch them whenever you wish. You will enjoy:

  • Up to 60 hours of recordings
  • No expiry date
  • “Live Pause” in the event of a last-minute hitch. You can perform a pause of up to 20 minutes.
  • You can record a programme and then perform a pause of the live broadcast.


  • We offer the latest cinema releases, a few months after they come out. You’ll find them on dial 3 on your TV.
  • You can purchase these films via the handset. You just have to ask for your purchase code by calling Customer Service at 115.

On dial 0 you will find the main TV channels, grouped and organized by themes, to facilitate and speed up your channel hopping and to make it easier to search for channels.

The 5S application allows people with visual and hearing disabilities to access a selection of Movistar+ films and series. It has:

  • Audio description
  • Subtitles
  • Sign language