Mobile telephony

Extra Data

To stay connected at full speed in Andorra.

Need more data this month in Andorra?

Extra data

Extra data

2 GB /  2,5 GB  exclusive online



IGI included


Available for XS, S M and L plans.


They are not renewable<br>automatically

They are not renewable

4G connection

4G connection

Consumption alert<br>before exhausting them

Consumption alert
before exhausting them

FAQ regarding the Extra data

The amount is charged at the moment you make the purchase and the volume included is valid until the end of the month.

The Extra Data will help you to connect at maximum speed in Andorra. To enable you to have better control over your spending, the Extra Data service is not automatically renewed and you’ll receive an SMS notification before it runs out.

Yes. You will obtain the data as soon as you have purchased it and it will be activated once you have used up the data included in your contract rate (valid for XS to L rates).

Yes. You can buy as many Extra Data packages as you wish. However, we advise you to purchase another Extra Data pass to reach the end of the month, once you have run out of the one you have previously activated.

Once you have run out of data, the connection will be cut off.

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Are you one of those people who fall asleep while watching a film?

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