Pack Locals Públics 2

Public Premises Pack

Package including television, internet and phone service for public premises. The perfect solution for bars and restaurants.

Què inclou? Pack Locals Públics 2

What does it include?


  • All the sports: Football (Liga Santander, Liga 123, Copa del Rey), Formula 1 and other sports (NBA, tennis, rugby, golf, etc.)
  • The Movistar+ channel: #0 (series, films, programmes, documentaries, cartoons, etc.)
  • The Andorran TDT channels


  • Line: 1 fixed telephone line
  • Calls to domestic landlines: Flat rate for free calls to landlines up to a maximum of 3,000 minutes
  • Calls to international landlines (groups 1 and 2): 300 minutes


  • Internet access up to 700 Mbps symmetrical bandwidth*
  • Flat rate with high-speed, national and international traffic included.

*Subject to a responsible use of the service up to a maximum of 5 TB. The price of the additional Internet GB in case of abuse is € 0,10.

Informació Comercial de Pack Locals Públics

   Information commerciale sur Pack Locaux Publics.



Possibility of contracting a fixed IP
Possibility of associating up to two mobiles and obtaining a 20% discount on the monthly subscription fee for these two mobile phones with Òptima

Veure tota la informació sobre els canals.

Canals que pots veure pack locals publics

Channels included

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