Go back to the start or review the last 7 days


Take full control of your TV so you don’t miss out on any of the shows available on Movistar+


Has the football match, or your favourite show or film already begun?
Don’t worry, just turn over to the TV channel broadcasting the content and select the back-to-start option.
Do you want to be able to watch whatever you want, whenever you want to?
Open the TV Guide (Press the “Guide” button on the remote control, or press the “Menu” button and then select the “GUIDE” option), and you’ll be able to scroll back in time, up to 7 days, and watch any past broadcast you feel like.

Mainstream, general-interest TV channels don’t currently offer the option of accessing content published up to one week ago.

Movistar+ on all of your devices


Enjoy your favourite films and series whenever you want and from any device.
You’ll have access to:



A catalogue of 6,000 titles
Live TV channels 
 On your computer, tablet, Smartphone, gaming console or Smart TV 

How to activate Movistar+ on multiple devices: 

You must be subscribed to Movistar+.

Check whether your device is compatible with the multi-device function.
Sign up to  Andorra Telecom’s Customer Area by calling 115.

Download the application on your device for Apple Store Spain or Google Play.


If you have any queries, refer to Multi-devices.



Record your favourite content and watch it whenever you want to. You’ll have access to: 


Up to sixty hours of recording time.
No time limit for viewing recorded content 
Pause live TV, if anything comes up, for up to 20 minutes 
Record a programme while you pause the live broadcast 

For further information, please refer to the Decoder's user manual.

On Demand


Record your favourite content and watch it whenever you want to. You’ll benefit from: 


You can easily purchase this content using your TV’s remote control.
All you have to do is ask for your pass-code by calling the Customer Service: 115.



By selecting the number 0 on your remote control, you’ll find Movistar+’s main channels, organised by theme, so it’s easier to switch from channel to channel or find specific content. 




The 5S app enables people with visual and auditory disabilities to access a selection of films and series available on Movistar+. This service includes:


Audio description
Sign language