Eliminate borders with more calls and more data



82,56/month IGI included

Flat rate

for domestic calls

16 GB

(up to 8 GB in Spain, France and Portugal)

1,500 minutes

of international calls and roaming (both made to and received from Spain, France and Portugal)

Flat rate

for SMS to national and international destinations Group 1

The flat rate is equivalent to 3,000 minutes or 1,000 SMS to 150 different destinations each month.

All the minutes included are deducted by seconds and, once used up, are calculated in accordance with the first whole minute and then by seconds. The MB are deducted in indivisible 1KB fractions.

Calls and SMS messages to special (70x, 80x, 90x, etc.) and premium rate numbers are not included and will be charged according to the rates applicable in each case.



Subscribing to Mobiland will cost €15,68 (IGI included). In the event of transferring from pre-paid mode to a Mobiland plan, subscription is free.

Domestic minutes

The domestic minutes included are for landline and mobile destinations.

International minutes

The international minutes included are for destinations in Europe and North America.
To continue phoning abroad check the international rates.
You can also use these minutes to make and receive calls to and from abroad (Spain, France and Portugal). For further information, check the roaming section on this page.

Browse with 4G

If your phone is compatible with 4G, you can browse up to 16GB at high speed with Mobiland coverage; once this data has been used up, you will browse at a reduced speed (32kbps) until the end of the month.

Special and premium rate numbers

Calls and SMS messages to special and premium rate numbers are not included and are charged in accordance with the rates applicable in each case.


You can use 8GB out of the 16GB included in the plan in Spain, France, Portugal and Andorra. To make best use of the above, configure the internet APN by calling 115.
If the GB in Spain, France and Portugal are used up, you will continue to browse at the same speed for €0.05/MB.
You can also make calls from Spain, France and Portugal to destinations in these 3 countries and Andorra. In the event of receiving a call, its length will also be deducted from the 1,500 minutes included in this plan.
Before leaving Andorra check all the roaming rates. These rates will be applied in the event of communicating by any means not included in or exceeding this plan.

Control your consumption

Check your consumption for the month in progress via the App d'Andorra Telecom.

Enjoy the Òptima discount

If you have a 69 fibre package, you can obtain a 20% discount on the payment of your Mobiland 79 plan.

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